• Jarnard Sutton

Behind the Stick with Jay Choi of HIVE

Jay Choi, bar manager at HIVE, chats about his refreshing and boozy barrel-aged Henebery Mint Julep.

Barrel-aged Henebery Mint Julep


Muddled Mint

3 oz Barrel-Aged Henebery Spiced Whiskey

Dash of bitters

Garnished with mint bouquet

What's the story behind the Barrel-aged Henebery Mint Julep?

While I was making a cocktail list for Hive's new menu, I always thought that the Mint Julep would be a great summer drink, but had always wished there was a little something extra flavor- wise. In the past, I’d used my mom's homemade ume plum syrup to add a more fruity flavor to my mint julep, however, it was actually Jesse from Henebery who gave me the initial idea of incorporating Merlot wine as a syrup to add extra flavor (which is what we use presently - Round Hill Merlot).

What's the key component of this drink?

Henebery spiced whiskey and a mint Merlot syrup which adds extra flavor into the drink.

Describe the barrel-aging process.

Age ratio of 5:1 Henebery whiskey and mint cooked Merlot syrup into a barrel. It is important that you fill the drink all the way to the top to avoid oxidization. I constantly taste the barrel-aging process and whenever I think it’s matured enough, we bottle it, stopping the aging process.

What reactions are you expecting to get from customers when they try this cocktail for the first time?

An appreciation of the deeper and richer flavor as a result of the aging process, while still providing a refreshing taste.

If you had to pair this cocktail with a dish, what would you pair it with?