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  • Carla Morla

Portland-based coffee roaster Coava finds home in San Diego

One of the Northwest’s premier coffee roasters just set up shop in the heart of San Diego. Coava Coffee Roasters opened its downtown doors in early September. Founder Matt Higgins chose San Diego for its similarities to Portland and is hoping to join San Diego’s up-and-coming craft coffee community. San Diego is the company’s first venture outside of its homebase of Portland, OR. Coava currently runs two locations in Portland with a third on the way.

Coava, what?

Coava means unroasted or “green” coffee, and it’s the foundation that Coava Coffee Roasters is built on. Coava focuses on building long-term and sustainable partnerships with coffee producers across different regions. The end result? It's a quality cup of coffee for you to enjoy, baristas to be excited about, and farmers to take pride in.

So what can I expect?

Grab a seat at Coava San Diego’s “mid-century meets industrial” brew bar and take your pick from it’s rotating menu that offers up traditional espresso drinks as well as pour-overs. Looking for something on the sweet side? Coava has naturally sweetened options like a honey latte or a mocha flavored with house made ganache. Not a coffee drinker? There’s other options. Coava offers tea, including two house-made sparkling teas on draft. Coava will also offer beer and wine in the near future.

Details, please!

Coava is located at 400 West Broadway, in the Westin Hotel. It’s open between 6:00 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 6:00 p.m. on weekends. Visit their website at

**Courtesy photos Coava Coffee


Carla Morla is a digital producer and news junkie at heart. When she’s not busy following the latest headlines, she’s either running, hiking, or sipping on a glass of wine. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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