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[VLOG] A Day in the Life ep 1 | The Vlog Almost Didn't Happen

Here's my first attempt at vlogging. Even though a lot of footage was lost, I was able to bring you into one day in the life of what I do. On this episode, I showed you how I podcast, went to Florent to try new food items and vented about my technology issues.


1. Intro about the concept of the VLOG.

2. Mixing the latest episode of the Social Holiday Hour podcast. Listen here.

3. Hung out with Maria Wiles at Florent to check out their new menu. Read a little about executive chef Abe here;

4. Feasting on the Buffalo Cauliflower from Florent.

5. Recap on what's happening with my footage.

6. Drew and I produce a Drunken MMA podcast

7. Follow Drew on Instagram.

8. Here's the Drunken MMA episode;

9. Post editing on the Drunken MMA - UFC Fight 120.

10. Ranting about not wanting to use my canon 5D for vlogging.

11. Be sure to subscribe to the channel;

12. Outro -- Shout Out to Florent and Drew.

13. Ranting about restoring my iPhone and having other technique issues.

14. Another rant about deleting footage but still running out of hard drive space.

15. I asked a question at 09:17 about deleting files on your computer's hard drive.

16. Coming to a closure -- having dinner. Hitting up Ono Grinds in North Park. Check out there menu here;

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