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[VLOG] A Day in the Life ep 2 | Behind the Stick Editing & San Diego Beer Week

On this episode, I showed you how I organize my 'Behind the Stick' project files in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, my editing thought process and I had a few beers at a few spots (Eppig Brewing, Second Chance Beer Co., Toronado and Fall Brewing) to celebrate San Diego Beer Week.


1. Talked about Behind the Stick.

2. Follow Behind the Stick on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Showing the viewer how I organize my project files and folders prior to editing.

4. Quick preview of the most recent promo video featuring Alicia Perry of Polite Provisions.

5. Beer tasting at Eppig Brewing Co. in North Park.

6. Beer drinking at Second Chance Beer Co. in North Park.

7. Hanging out at Fall Brewing for grub.

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