• Jarnard Sutton

[VLOG] A Day in the Life ep 3 | Oggi's commerical & Happy Hour at Del Sur

Another day, another journey. On this episode, I take you behind-the-scenes on a client shoot and after a minor car setback, I did some cocktail & food tasting at Del Sur Mexican Cantina.

SHOW NOTES: 1. Grocery run and mead talk 2. Fresh cut and update on the day 3. At 5:20, mentioned the gear used Canon EOS 5D Mark ii - http://a.co/gq6TACH Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox Lighting Kit - http://a.co/2RVxzUZ Neewer 3-Pack LED Video Light Lighting Kit - http://a.co/1P69aod Canon 85 mm f1.8 lens - http://a.co/iT2KFJd Canon 35 mm f2 lens - http://a.co/aZeLY9E Canon 24 - 105 mm f4 lens - http://a.co/bkDBu2V Canon 50 mm macro f2.5 lens - http://a.co/eGvEbec 4. Oggi's Pizza & Brew beer and food shoot 5. Car breaks down in South Park 6. Paige hosts a happy hour at Del Sur Mexican Cantina 7. Click here to read more about the cocktail of the month from Del Sur Mexican Cantina

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