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  • Lara Hochuli

The Social Holiday Hour: To Unplug Or Not To Unplug

Things get negative and nasty (well, kind of) as Jarnard and Lara talk this week in holidays! Show all sides of your personality with Multiple Personality Day (March 5) Jarnard hides his negative side, Lara tries to figure out if she is selfless or narcissistic. She also love/hates Be Nasty Day (March 8) because well, we all like being nasty once in a while. And for somebody who never answers her phone, Lara sure hates National Day of Unplugging (March 9) but Jarnard tries to push through and give some tips to take a day to unplug and relax. And of course, the dreaded spring forward Daylight Savings Day (March 11).

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