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[PODCAST] The Benefits of Adjusting My Lifestyle to Improve My Mental Health and Happiness

Adjusting My Lifestyle Has Improved My Mental Health and Happiness – Here’s How You Can Do It Too!

The last three months I've done quite a bit of things in my personal life that has worked some wonders on my mental health and my physical health. I find myself a little more happier. I did a few things like doing an alcohol cleanse, eating no sugar and more.

Show Notes:


In this episode you'll learn about how the adjustments of my lifestyle has improved my overall mental and physical health. It also has improved some of my relationship and work performance.

Key Points

Health Benefits

  • Moderation

  • No Added Sugar

  • No Alcohol

  • Overall Health


  • Blood Pressure

  • Weight Loss

  • More Energy

Mental State

  • Mind is more clear

  • Creativity

  • Anxiety

Social Life

  • Relationships


  • Finding ways to be grateful


*Transcription can be provided upon request.

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