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[PODCAST] We Quit Alcohol for 90 Days

How did we quit alcohol for 90 days? I invited Laura Gonzaga on this podcast and she chronicles her experience going sober for 3 months and the challenges she faced. This No Alcohol Challenge was not easy, but Laura is an inspiring example of what's possible if you set your mind to it. I also did 90 days of no alcohol and still counting. We both shared our experiences.

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Show Notes:

In this episode we share our experiences from not drinking alcohol for 90+ days. You learn about our pros and cons.

Relationships with alcohol before the no alcohol challenge.

Temptations and how we stayed on top of the beginning stages.

Discussed noticeable changes in drinking habits after not drinking for 90 days

What's moderate drinking per health guidelines Jarnard's why he decided to quit alcohol for an extend period of time Physical/mental benefits of not drinking alcohol

Moderation is key to a healthier drinking habit (for some people)

Alcohol and its impact on social life

Health benefits makes it worth extending Jarnard's no alcohol journey Taking a break could be a good thing for your body

First experience drinking after not drinking for 90 days

Our Final Thoughts about drinking alcohol

Transcript is available upon request.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and we understand the seriousness of alcohol as other people really find it harder to give up alcohol. We did this to experience the benefits of not drinking alcohol.


Elizabeth Guzman
Elizabeth Guzman
Oct 29, 2022

I love all your platforms, great 👍 job


Sep 29, 2022

Proud of you son

Jarnard Sutton
Jarnard Sutton
Oct 07, 2022
Replying to

thanks, dad!! xoxo

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