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It's a Pastrami Party! Carve celebrates its one-year anniversary on April 4 through 6

It’s a Pastrami Party! San Diego eatery Carve will celebrate its one-year anniversary on April 4 through 6 with a host of special menu items and promotions including a trio of pastrami sandwiches, pastrami tacos and pastrami fries plus free house sodas in novel flavors like Chai Tea Fizz. Diners will get to enter a raffle for a chance of $100+ in prizes!

Photo courtesy / Carve house sodas / Dalila Ercolani

In addition, Carve will debut a limited edition ‘Strami on Rye sandwich piled with Carve’s house smoked pastrami, sauerkraut, Dijon mustard and pickles on grilled New York Rye. This sandwich will be available throughout Carve’s anniversary week and may be paired with any craft beer for an additional $5 from April 4 through April 6.

Photo courtesy / 'Smokin Strami / Dalila Ercolani

“Carve was born from my interest in bringing a unique, fine casual restaurant to the Serra Mesa neighborhood, and we’ve all enjoyed getting to know the community this past year. We look forward to celebrating the restaurant’s one year anniversary with neighbors and new faces this April,” said Chris Karetas, founder of Carve.


Photo courtesy / Dalila Ercolani

8583 Aero Drive, San Diego. (858) 634-2384 or

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