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CaliFino Tequila Raises the Bar for Tequila Enthusiasts

Tequila enthusiasts can now raise a glass to celebrate a new launch of premium grade, 100 percent blue agave craft spirit: CaliFino Tequila. Sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, CaliFino Tequila is now available at select locations in San Diego. Custom created to achieve the best taste, scent and quality, CaliFino is setting a benchmark for tequila distilleries throughout the region.

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Three distinct types of tequila, all with different tastes, are produced under the CaliFino brand; Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo. The conversation to launch CaliFino began after a decades-long search for a signature brand, and from there, the tequila formulas were born.



Extra Añejo

Each spirit has been carefully produced to be embraced by tequila enthusiasts across the country. All tequilas are aged in lightly toasted, American white oak barrels. The agave heads, known as the Piña, are slowly cooked in a stone oven. Produced and bottled in Mexico, every step that goes into producing CaliFino demonstrates a true “artesenal” style, from the professionally designed bottles, to the wood and cork stopper and varying color of ropes according to the type of tequila, hand-tied around each bottle.

The idea for CaliFino Tequila came about in 1975, when Don Jose Luna would travel to the Arandas Highlands in Jalisco to acquire the moonshine-style tequila that was not going to be sold under a label. Passing down the tradition through his family, the pure tequila samples were shared among friends who would always ask for “the family tequila.” In 2014, the Luna family was inspired to ask the tequileria to create a specific formula for the finest tequila from Arandas. After several tasting trips to the region, the family found a unique taste that honors their legacy and from there, CaliFino Tequila was born.

CaliFino is delighted launch their custom tequilas in San Diego, with plans to expand to other markets in the near future. At the moment, you can enjoy this spirit at Jalisco Cantina, Landings Restaurant, Sushi Lounge, Tommy V's, Pitchers and Liticker's Liquor and Deli. For a list of places where you can currently purchase a bottle of CaliFino Tequila, check out their website here.

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