• Jarnard Sutton

Hidden Fish: First Omakase-Only Sushi Bar Coming to Convoy this Summer

San Diego’s first omakase-only sushi bar is setting up shop off of Convoy, with a slated opening date of June/July 2018.

Hidden Fish will offer an intimate experience with only 13 seats and 30-minute or 90-minute seating. No miso soup or California rolls will be found here.

Courtesy Photo/ Chef Kappa

Chef John Hong (AKA Chef Kappa) and his team will provide a premium sushi experience with each piece of fish made as an art, using only high-end ingredients. Think truffles, caviar and uni.

Influenced by sushi bars from Tokyo and New York City’s Sushi on Jones, Hidden Fish will combine traditional technique, high-end ingredients and top-quality seafood. Inside its 1,000-square-foot space, the 13-seat sushi bar will dedicate eight seats for a 30-minute, 12-piece omakase menu for $50 while five seats will be reserved for a more leisurely 90-minute meal featuring 18 pieces for $90.