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Hidden Fish: First Omakase-Only Sushi Bar Coming to Convoy this Summer

San Diego’s first omakase-only sushi bar is setting up shop off of Convoy, with a slated opening date of June/July 2018.

Hidden Fish will offer an intimate experience with only 13 seats and 30-minute or 90-minute seating. No miso soup or California rolls will be found here.

Courtesy Photo/ Chef Kappa

Chef John Hong (AKA Chef Kappa) and his team will provide a premium sushi experience with each piece of fish made as an art, using only high-end ingredients. Think truffles, caviar and uni.

Influenced by sushi bars from Tokyo and New York City’s Sushi on Jones, Hidden Fish will combine traditional technique, high-end ingredients and top-quality seafood. Inside its 1,000-square-foot space, the 13-seat sushi bar will dedicate eight seats for a 30-minute, 12-piece omakase menu for $50 while five seats will be reserved for a more leisurely 90-minute meal featuring 18 pieces for $90.

Hong was the lead sushi chef at the Gaslamp’s Bang Bang restaurant since its inception in 2013. At Hidden Fish, his menu could include sample nigiri such as yellowtail with soy-based chimichurri, bluefin tuna zuke with black truffle and micro shiso or scallop and uni with plum salt and pickled wasabi root.

Though diners will have to relinquish their sushi bar seats when their 30 or 90-minute dining sessions are up, there will be a separate lounge area for pre-or-post meal relaxing with a glass of beer, wine or sake.

Hidden Fish

4764 Convoy St. Ste A., Kearney Mesa.

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