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Mezcal drinks you must try in San Diego

Mixologists are constantly looking for new ways to stand out in the ever-growing craft cocktail realm, so when it comes to refining new and creative libations that will please the increasingly discerning palates of cocktail connoisseurs, keeping up on industry trends is a necessity. Hot on the cocktail scene at the moment is mezcal, a distilled spirit that derives from the agave plant native to Mexico. Naturally, San Diego’s craft cocktail realm is brimming with this complex spirit, so behold some of our favorite mezcal-infused cocktails!

Courtesy Photo / The Nardcast

Waterbar in Pacific Beach has quickly become a coastal go-to for top-notch seafood dishes, matched with tantalizing ocean views and a craft cocktail list that aims to please. Bring on the inherent smokiness of mezcal with their Queen Anne’s Revenge, a spritely libation infused with mezcal, lemon, grapefruit, IPA, agave, Peychaud’s bitters and Cherry Heering float. Characterized by its complex melding of citrus, fruit and a smoky presence, this libation is idyllic for a day spent by the sparkling shoreline. Behind the Stick feature coming soon. Here's our promo.

Pair your mezcal with authentic Mexican fare at Jalisco Cantina in Oceanside, and bask in their colorful venue that exudes eclectic flair. Quench your thirst for mezcal with Jalisco’s signature Mezcalarita, crafted from Mezcal Vago, 100% blue agave tequila, pineapple, fresh lime, orange curacao and agave nectar. Coveted for its dynamic intermingling of crisp ingredients that undergo a smoky makeover from the mezcal, this libation is one you’re sure to crave long after your last sip.

Coastal vibes are inevitable at Pacific Beach’s Backyard Kitchen & Tap, and is there any better pairing than a beachy hangout matched with a mezcal-infused cocktail? Snag a table on their expansive patio, and treat your taste buds to a symphony of vibrant flavor notes with their Fire in the Sky cocktail, concocted from Ilegal Mezcal, Aperol, orgeat, lime and serrano. With just the right about of zest, smoke and spice, this cocktail is the recipe for a delightful afternoon by the beach.

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Prefer to enjoy your drink over a friendly game of ping pong? Look no further than The Smoking Gun, an energetic neighborhood restaurant in the Gaslamp District that exudes welcoming vibes. Characterized by its offering of southern-influenced dishes and a mindset of comradery, this location not only invites its patrons to bond over ping pong and foosball, but implores cocktail connoisseurs to try their innovative libations, inclusive to their Hot Chilaka. Prepared with Los Javis Mezcal, St. George Green Chile Vodka, lime, fresh pineapple, firewater bitters and soda, this Mexican-influenced cocktail is a manifestation of classic-meets-craft that’s sure to please any mezcal-loving palate.

Jump on the mezcal train, folks, because with a slew of unique mezcal cocktails at your disposal in this city of epic concoctions, you’re bound to see why this spirit has become such a success.

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