• Jarnard Sutton

Enjoy these cocktails based on your zodiac sign

Dating far back to the ancient times of our world, astrology and the study of the stars goes back millenniums. And while much has changed since 1900 BCE, the prevalence of horoscopes and zodiac signs continues to hold a strong grip on how we perceive people and situations in our daily life. Whether you’re looking to see if you and your boo are actually compatible, if you’re going to get that job you applied for, or anything in between, astrology seems to have all the answers. And what better way to truly test what astrology has to offer than at the bottom of your glass- after downing the perfect cocktail for your zodiac sign!

Aquarius | Very Fresh

Farmer's Table

The month of January signifies a new beginning in the calendar year, and with it comes the Aquarius zodiac sign. With its element in air, they boast originality, progression and authenticity, similar to La Mesa’s heart and soul, Farmer’s Table. Bringing fresh and locally sourced ingredients from farm-to-table, Farmer’s Table has quickly become a neighborhood staple. Their Very Fresh cocktail, with vodka, basil, lime, sugar and black pepper, keeps the Aquarius in mind with its crisp and energetic flavor profile.

Pisces | Oceanside Refresh

Jalisco Cantina

Making our way through the months, February acts as somewhat of a segway from the coldness of winter into the warmth of spring. The Pisces zodiac sign represents the element of water as well as compassion, inspiration and artistic strength, making Jalisco Cantina’s Oceanside Refresh the ideal cocktail for the water sign. A combination of Finlandia grapefruit vodka, fresh strawberry puree, fresh lemon and simple syrup embraces the authenticity and warmth of Jalisco Cantina with the gentle spirit of the Pisces.

Aries | Jalapeña Mezcarita