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Enjoy these cocktails based on your zodiac sign

Dating far back to the ancient times of our world, astrology and the study of the stars goes back millenniums. And while much has changed since 1900 BCE, the prevalence of horoscopes and zodiac signs continues to hold a strong grip on how we perceive people and situations in our daily life. Whether you’re looking to see if you and your boo are actually compatible, if you’re going to get that job you applied for, or anything in between, astrology seems to have all the answers. And what better way to truly test what astrology has to offer than at the bottom of your glass- after downing the perfect cocktail for your zodiac sign!

Aquarius | Very Fresh

Farmer's Table

The month of January signifies a new beginning in the calendar year, and with it comes the Aquarius zodiac sign. With its element in air, they boast originality, progression and authenticity, similar to La Mesa’s heart and soul, Farmer’s Table. Bringing fresh and locally sourced ingredients from farm-to-table, Farmer’s Table has quickly become a neighborhood staple. Their Very Fresh cocktail, with vodka, basil, lime, sugar and black pepper, keeps the Aquarius in mind with its crisp and energetic flavor profile.

Pisces | Oceanside Refresh

Jalisco Cantina

Making our way through the months, February acts as somewhat of a segway from the coldness of winter into the warmth of spring. The Pisces zodiac sign represents the element of water as well as compassion, inspiration and artistic strength, making Jalisco Cantina’s Oceanside Refresh the ideal cocktail for the water sign. A combination of Finlandia grapefruit vodka, fresh strawberry puree, fresh lemon and simple syrup embraces the authenticity and warmth of Jalisco Cantina with the gentle spirit of the Pisces.

Aries | Jalapeña Mezcarita

Fig Tree Café

Since 2013, Fig Tree Café has become one of the most sought-after dining experiences in San Diego’s Liberty Station outpost. While boasting locally sourced ingredients and a commitment to innovation, Fig Tree Café is the optimal location for not one, but two zodiac signs. For the fiery Aries, try their Jalapeña Mezcarita, with 3 Palotes mezcal tequila, lime juice, pineapple juice, agave, jalapeños and a chili rim.

Capricorn | Up in Smoke

Fig Tree Café

Fig Tree's Up In Smoke cocktail is made with 3 Palotes mezcal, St. Germain elderflower liquor, lime juice, agave, cucumber and mint is the smoky concoction of the earthy Capricorn’s dreams. According to Jarnard, this is the best sign.

Taurus | Cloak Cup Julep

Cloak & Petal

Grounded and practical, the Taurus is known for its loyalty and camaraderie, making this sign the ideal fit for Little Italy’s Cloak & Petal. With their Japanese-style cuisine integrated into San Diego’s Italian-dominated neighborhood, Cloak & Petal invites restaurant-goers to experience companionship and intimacy with their alluring atmosphere and unique cuisine. For the Taurus in all of us, their Cloak Cup Julep, which combines floral notes of lavender and Chilean pisco, reposado tequila, Japanese persimmon falernum, almond and aromatic mint, makes for the refreshing yet woodsy patron favorite.

Gemini | Antonia

Union Kitchen & Tap Encinitas

Modern yet rustic, Union Kitchen & Tap Encinitas draws in their seaside crowd with scratch-made cuisine and a comfortable ambiance. While locals and out-of-towners alike rejoice In Union Kitchen & Tap’s unparalleled dining experience, the Gemini, representing tenderness, versatility and sociability, will feel especially comfortable here. Known for their signature cocktails, the Antonia fuses Tito’s reposado, cactus pear, grapefruit, ginger, and Angostura bitters to create a bright, tart and juicy cocktail for the air-dominant sign.

Cancer | Watermelon Basil Martini

Del Sur Mexican Cantina

As the zodiac calendar heads into its summer months, June and July-born Cancers kickstart an energetic and tenacious time ahead. Believing in the power of family and connection, the Cancer zodiac sign will find a special home in Del Sur Mexican Cantina. Taking a healthy twist on traditional Mexican food, Del Sur Mexican Cantina accommodates to make certain that every guest is more than satisfied. Their Watermelon Basil Martini, a mix of 100% agave tequila reposado, watermelon juice, lime and basil syrup, harnesses the vibrancy of summer and the spirit of the Cancer.

Leo | The Crazy Joe Davola

Miss B's Coconut Club

Warm-hearted and cheerful, the Leo is a symbol of passion, creativity and generosity. This fire sign has the unique capability of bringing people together with humor and charisma that go unmatched, making Miss B’s Coconut Club the alluring coastal location every Leo will love. Flaunting flavorful Caribbean-inspired American cuisine in a colorful environment, Miss B’s Coconut Club serves great food and even better cocktails. The Crazy Joe Davola, with spiced rum, cold brew coffee, Giffard banana liqueur, coconut crème and pineapple, is the perky and vibrant beverage representative of none other than the Leo.

Virgo | Endless Summer

Backyard Kitchen & Tap

Making our way through the summer months, the kindhearted and devoted Virgo concludes the season. Hardworking and gracious, the Virgo and Backyard Kitchen & Tap have a lot in common. The American-style eatery creates a chic and coastal ambiance with homemade specialty cuisine, a local beer list that goes unrivaled and a list of cocktails specially crafted for Backyard Kitchen & Tap. The Endless Summer cocktail blends Russian Standard vodka, strawberry puree and lemonade to create a simple and tasty end to a sunny San Diego summer.

Libra | Trigger Finger

The Smoking Gun

Taking a revolutionary spin on the traditional downtown bar, The Smoking Gun creates a social and inviting setting that flawlessly complements the characteristics held by the Libra zodiac sign. Determination for nothing less than the best and an emphasis on relaxation entices guests from San Diego and beyond to experience the urban setting and the reimagined comfort food of The Smoking Gun. The Trigger Finger cocktail marries Skyy vodka, passionfruit, Ancho Reyes liqueur, lime, float of Campari and pink Himalayan salt to tantalize the taste buds of every Libra who tries it.

Scrorpio | Piñata

Osetra Seafood & Steaks

Located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Osetra Seafood & Steaks exudes elegance and sophistication with a gourmet food menu, extensive wine list and unique cocktails. If any sign can appreciate the passion and dedication that distinguishes Osetra Seafood & Steaks from the rest, it’s the Scorpio. Their Piñata cocktail is a zesty blend of Azunia blanco organic tequila, blood orange, lime juice, organic habanero infused agave and black salt, making this fiery drink the perfect complement to the fire-sign Scorpio.

Sagittarius | Caribbean Paris

The Rail

Rounding off our journey through the zodiac signs, Sagittarius-born find joy in everything life has to offer and do so in an enthusiastic and optimistic way. Known for being the life of the party, a Sagittarius would feel at home at The Rail, one of Hillcrest’s most talked about locations. Getting its start in the 1930’s, The Rail has become a modern reminder of a nostalgic and historic time in history. Those born into the Sagittarius zodiac have a knack for traveling, making the Caribbean Paris a favorite among the sign. Using Havana Club añejo rum and Aztec Chocolate bitters, The Rail manages to transport the Sagittarius to their own private getaway.

Whether you’re a sensitive water sign, a passionate fire sign, a realistic earth sign or a rational air sign, these San Diego hot spots are fit for the desires of every starry-eyed cocktail-lover in the zodiac.

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