• Jarnard Sutton

Medina - Moroccan Baja Kitchen will bring North African and Mexican-inspired eats to North Park

Courtesy Photo

Medina - Moroccan Baja Kitchen, a stylish and refined fast-casual eatery and lively beer and wine bar will softly open starting February 13 with a grand opening slated for March 1. Owned and created by innovative chef Alia Jaziri, Medina’s menu is rooted in bringing together traditional North African dishes that she grew up cooking alongside her father with the quintessential flavors and ingredients from Baja California.

Courtesy Photo / Founder of Medina, Alia Jaziri

“In creating Medina, I envisioned bringing people together in a warm and welcoming space where they could feel comfortable yet also thrilled to experience something novel,” said Alia Jaziri, founder of Medina. “Medina is a reflection of me and my unique cultural upbringing. There’s nothing that excites me more than sharing a part of who I am with others, in hopes of spreading the passion that I have for these bold flavors and cultural traditions.”