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Behind the Stick with Daisy Benitez of Greystone Steak

Our friend Daisy of Greystone Steakhouse shows us how to make her tasty cocktail called “Lost in Translation,” which is a riff off the classic Penicillin! It's crafted with Suntory Whisky, lemon, honey ginger syrup, aquafaba, topped with matcha powder and garnished with a crispy seaweed.

Lost in Translation

What's the story behind the Lost in Translation?

It all came about the movie Lost In Translation where Bill Murray is in Tokyo filming the famous Japanese whiskey Suntory commercial. Greystone Steakhouse offers a wide selection of whiskey including various Japanese whiskey. I wanted to paid a homage to the noble steak we serve which is the Japanese wagyu.

Describe the taste.

It’s silky with bright notes and a smoky finish.

If you had to pair this cocktail with a dish, what would you pair it with?

This cocktail would be great with any exotic cut that we serve such as wagyu, elk or bison.

What kind of experience can guests get at Greystone Steakhouse?

A kind that you would get when your dining with your Friends and family. We are independently owned and operated and we treat everyone like family while delivering a memorable dining experience.

About Daisy Benitez

Are you from San Diego?

I am not from San Diego, I am from Coachella Valley born and raised. Moved to beautiful San Diego three years ago.

How has your journey been leading up to your role at Greystone Steakhouse?

It’s been a great experience. I have grown and improved my hospitality skills and I am able to create freely and bring ideas to the table. I have an amazing female leader, Sara our GM, that shares the same passion for the industry.

Define the perfect cocktail.

A perfect cocktail for me is the simplicity of an alcohol with the perfect acidity and touch of sweetness and a beautiful garnish that will not only look pretty but shock the flavor of the cocktail taste.

What are some cocktail trends you are noticing in San Diego?

Definitely a lot of tiki drinks as well as mezcal taking over where tequila was once the lead.

What's your favorite drink to make behind the bar?

My favorite drink to make is our East Meets West. Also made with Japanese whiskey, cognac, and Trincheri vermouth from St. Helena

What's your favorite spirit?

My favorite spirits are whiskey and tequila.

What do you do in your spare time when you're not creating cocktails?

Besides my passion for hospitality and bartending, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I like creating memories with my family through cooking and gathering everyone around the table.

What's next for you?

To grow with Greystone. Share all my knowledge to strive for a successful restaurant. Become a bar director and train the new prospects to keep the legacy of the restaurant and help its success.

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