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Behind the Stick with Meghan Balser

Meghan Balser, bartender at Lola 55 and Smoking Gun, started out as a cocktail waitress and worked her way up in the industry bartending at various bars. She loves crafting cocktails and putting her spin on classic cocktails like this Harvey Wallbanger variation.

This Harvey Wallbanger variation is made with lemon, simple, orange juice, vodka and Galliano Aperitivo with a orange twist for garnish.

What's unique about the cocktails here at Smoking Gun?

The cocktails are fun, balanced, and executed well. Inspired by classic and retro cocktails. What's the story behind the cocktail?

The Harvey Walbanger is a throwback cocktail, created in the 50’s and made popular in the 70s, perfect for the theme here at Smoking Gun. In three words, describe the taste.

Boozy, citrusy, breakfast. What's the key component/main ingredient in this cocktail?

Fresh OJ!

About Meghan Balser

How did you get into bartending?

I started as a cocktail waitress in NYC, and moved up from there. The creativity behind making a cocktail sparked my interest, and my creative side loves the endless possibilities of flavor combinations and different builds for one drink.

How does it feel being behind the bar?

I truly feel at home behind the bar, it’s where I’m most comfortable. You’re in control, and get to create the guests experience. There’s never a dull moment. There’s a constant flow of movement, and one day/night is never the same.

What's one thing you like about bartending?

The craftsmanship

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