• Jarnard Sutton

Behind the Stick with Ashley Wardle of BaRV

Ashley Wardle, owner of BaRV and General Manager at Sycamore Den, has turned a 1976 RV, that she bought for $1,500, into an awesome mobile bar. From a beat down RV to a new and improved retro-inspired RV, Ashley shares her story on how her mobile bar came to life.

How did the concept come about?

After months of traveling cross country in the RV, I settled down in Brooklyn, and started working at a bar. As a hobby, I started making drinks in the RV that were too weird for the menu at work and invited friends to come drink them, and BaRV was born.

What's the mission for BaRV?

To build a mobile bar empire! Just kidding, the mission is to do something fun and creative, maybe make a little money and when it stops being fun, I will stop doing it.

How complex are you willing to go with the libations?

Having a bar that seats seven people where I can change the menu from event to event means I have the flexibility to be as obscure or simplistic as I want. I love learning and trying new techniques and combinations. The BaRV has really given me a space to experiment with those things, but I also think drinks with few ingredients and classic techniques are amazing when done well.

How has San Diego being responding to this concept?

It’s very new, so I don’t think I could say definitively but people seem to really like the concept, I mean what’s not to love about a fully operational bar that can pull up to any party and start making drinks?

What's one favorite memory you have experienced so far with BaRV?

In 2015, I had the wild idea to drive BaRV from Brooklyn to New Orleans for Tales of a Cocktail with four bartenders who didn’t know each other. We broke down in rural Alabama and we were stuck there for a few days. I remember drinking Bahama Mamas at Applebee’s with everyone and laughing so hard I fell out of my chair. While we never made it to Tales, we had such a good time we all got matching RV tattoos.

The concept is clever, so is the name. What type of clientele will you be catering to?

Thank you! I will be catering to anyone that wants to book an RV bar. Weddings, festivals, house parties, you name it, I’m game.

People can find it on Instagram