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Cesarina launches new menus for morning to night

Cesarina, the stylish Upper Voltaire concept has just debuted new dishes and drinks including a new brunch cocktail lineup, dinner menu and dessert menu (with free dessert days!). From freshly-shaved truffle topped pastas to decadent show-stopping sweets, these new menu items offer pleasant surprises from morning to night.

Breakfast service gets the bubbly treatment with Cesarina’s new lineup of four champagne cocktails, each uniquely prepared to accompany the restaurant’s morning menu of American breakfast standards crafted with Italian flair. Offered bottomless for $15 per person, imbibers will delight in refreshing options including the Cesarina with coconut and pineapple alongside the Angela with lavender and lemonade. Pair these boozy breakfast libations with dishes such as Custard and Wild Berries French Toast, Italian Breakfast Skillet, and the new “Tuttifrutti” Acai Waffle served with a scoop of organic acai sorbet, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mangos and figs

In celebration of summer’s current bounty, Cesarina’s new dinner menu makes use of seasonal ingredients from both Italy and California, such as ripe melon, Italian summer black truffles and fresh figs. Newcomers to the menu include antipasti like Melone, Bufala and Prosciutto and Bruschettone Fichi e Prosciutto with housemade organic focaccia, burrata and figs.

The trattoria’s lineup of freshly-made eggless pasta is expanded with the addition of decadent dishes like the Porcini, Gamberi and Tartufo with homemade gnocchi, porcini mushrooms, shrimp and freshly-shaved truffles. If you’re in the “build-it-yourself” mood, diners can explore Cesarina’s new pasta shapes, sauces and toppings, such as the Octopus meatballs, fresh buffalo mozzarella and the seasonal topping of the day.

To stand alongside the buzzed-about tiramisu that has been credited as helping to “elevate the entire San Diego Italian restaurant landscape,” the tratorria’s namesake pastry chef Cesarina Mezzoni is gradually rolling out a series of new dessert offerings all prepared tableside. With a different item joining the dessert menu each month, this July welcomes a homemade cannoli that is dipped into crushed pistachio and candied orange right at the table.

As a way to launch the sweet treats, Cesarina is offering guests the chance to try each month’s new dessert for free! On the second Tuesday of each month (beginning Tuesday, July 9), each dine-in party who enjoys dinner will receive that month’s new tableside dessert on the house. For details on future free dessert days, visit

CESARINA | 4161 Voltaire Street | | @cesarinapasta

All photos courtesy to James Tran

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