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Belching Beaver launched its own hard seltzer and hard kombucha

Photo Credit John Dole Photography

Belching Beaver Pub980, 980 Park Center Dr, Vista, has rolled out new hard seltzers and hard kombucha, a new and improved menu and live music that features untapped talent in the community. Pub980, the birthplace of the world-renowned brewery, Belching Beaver, is the place that has launched these new products and menu items by Belching Beaver Tavern and Grill’s chef Ramiro Guerra to the community.

The new hard seltzers produced by Belching Beaver set themselves apart from other brands as they are made with fresh fruit and feature neon packaging. Belching Beaver’s current hard seltzer flavor on tap is infused with real mango and orange and there are many more fresh fruit flavors to come in the future. Belching Beaver’s new hard kombucha is infused with fruit flavors including mango, tangerine, guava and passion fruit and are sure to be a hit as well.

Photo credit John Dole Photography

Belching Beaver Pub980’s new general manager, Skip Star, explained, “The vision of this brewery has always been to allow the community to drive what products are being served. Belching Beaver strives to not only provide a delicious, approachable product, but also to create an experience for anyone who walks into any of our locations by serving the very best and most current beverages and food.”

In line with wanting the community to be an integral part of this brewery, Belching Beaver’s ownership is showcasing the talents of local musicians with its new outdoor stage at its very first location, Pub980. It is set to host numerous local musicians throughout the summer months, enticing more people to become a part of the Belching Beaver family and to come out and support its community.

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