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[PODCAST] 6 Ways I'm Going To Better Myself In 2020

It has been a long time since I've recorded an episode of The Social Holiday Hour. I'm super excited to say that I'm bringing it back because I like being on the microphone talking about things that interest me.

It's a new year which means new goals that I set for myself. In additional to my updates on life, I share 6 tips that I'm going to do this year to continue to be a better ME. Show notes below.

Click here to listen via libsyn. You can also find this episode on iTunes, click here.

Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction

02:20 - Update on Lara

03:36 - Concept of the episode

03:52 - 1. Be more productive: How creating to-do lists made my days easier

06:45 - 2. Exercise: How starting the day out with exercise increased my overall mood and outlook on the day

11:14 - 3. Eat Healthier: How controlling my environment makes it easier to eat better during the week

15:01 - 4. Be nice to people: Surrounding myself with positive people helps with my outlook on life

16:35 - 5. Grow my business: Talking steps towards financial freedom

18:48 - 6. Stress less: Implementing the above 5 tips, killing negative thoughts and not letting social media get the best of me.

24:07 - How often I'm going to podcast rant

28:25 - Nardcast Media services

29:38 - Outro - leavv - "Lighthouse"

You don't really need to change your habits rapidly or wait 'til the beginning of the year to change your lifestyle for the good. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people out there that are doing plenty of things that has made them a better person, rather it's you're healthier or you have a positive outlook on life, that's great!

Please share any tips you have implemented that has helped you. Would love to hear from you and read your comments on the next episode.

If you're curious to know what song was played at the beginning or the end, the courtesy is below.

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Outro: leavv - "Lighthouse"

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