• Katie Lynnet

Inside the dome of the man that’s having San Diego dine in a dome

Courtesy Photo

Dinner With A View is a one of a kind dining pop up experience hosted in our own backyard, Liberty Station from February 6 – March 8, 2020. 33 intimate, clear frameless geodesic domes will be transformed into a terrarium like dining space where James Beard Best Chef West semifinalist, Claudette Zepeda will beautifully execute an exclusive three course meal. In this type of gleeful, moon light blessed environment, no details or expensive will be spared due to the expert hometown hitters on the team, such as notable Chef Claudette Zepeda, Olive Creative Strategies, Inc. and Fast Forward Events.

Like many of you have seen on your Instagram of an intriguing picture of bubble-like dining spaces with the words “swipe up." Temptress be tempted, I swiped up and was captivated by the originality of what I was being offered. I had to know more! I took the opportunity to "Take 5" with one of the creative minds behind such a non- traditional suited for all generations type of event, Steve Georgiev.

Notable young entrepreneur, business savvy with experience in the nightclub industry, first tell us, the attendees, readers and community, a little about yourself.