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  • Katie Lynnet

Inside the dome of the man that’s having San Diego dine in a dome

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Dinner With A View is a one of a kind dining pop up experience hosted in our own backyard, Liberty Station from February 6 – March 8, 2020. 33 intimate, clear frameless geodesic domes will be transformed into a terrarium like dining space where James Beard Best Chef West semifinalist, Claudette Zepeda will beautifully execute an exclusive three course meal. In this type of gleeful, moon light blessed environment, no details or expensive will be spared due to the expert hometown hitters on the team, such as notable Chef Claudette Zepeda, Olive Creative Strategies, Inc. and Fast Forward Events.

Like many of you have seen on your Instagram of an intriguing picture of bubble-like dining spaces with the words “swipe up." Temptress be tempted, I swiped up and was captivated by the originality of what I was being offered. I had to know more! I took the opportunity to "Take 5" with one of the creative minds behind such a non- traditional suited for all generations type of event, Steve Georgiev.

Notable young entrepreneur, business savvy with experience in the nightclub industry, first tell us, the attendees, readers and community, a little about yourself.

I am an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. My career began in logistics and transportation where I owned and operated my own logistics business. I am currently one of the co-founders at JDG, which is a progressive hospitality company that has owned and operated five restaurants, one Supper Club, two nightclubs, one bar and one event space in the city of Toronto, Canada. I am also a co-founder at Mr. Black Technologies a comprehensive venue management software that is used worldwide. As the co-founder of Dinner with A View, I also possess tremendous experience and skill when it comes to executing, operating, designing, and marketing large scale events.

So many words came to mind when I first glimpsed at the event. Brazen. Luxury. Intimate. Odd. Cool. Describe the idea and vision behind the concept. What are you trying to achieve? My daily mantra if you will, what was and is your motivation?

When my partner was visiting London, he saw a few clear domes outside of a hotel as part of a permanent set up for a restaurant. My partner and I were inspired by this activation to create a first of its kind experience that would travel around North America using newly designed domes. We wanted to create something on a much larger scale that would travel around North America and offer guests a three-course meal, drinks and a premium pop-up experience wrapped into one fantastic evening. Our goal was to create a dining experience that was focused around more than just the meal, thus Dinner with A View was created. The concept is meant to bring people together in a unique way that also offers an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

We launched the first Dinner with A View pilot project in a small market and it was a huge success. From there we leveled up the experience, purchasing nicer domes and focusing on way we could improve the overall experience for gusts. Then, we started expanding the pop-up experience to additional cities across North America. We are looking to grow the experience all over the world.

Why have San Diego as one of your locations? How many cities are being domed? Assuming its welcomed and successful, have you thought about it being an annual event?

We have a full vetting process for each city before we decide to launch there. We look at key metrics like population demographics, climate and more before we decide to test the market. Then, we run interest campaigns from a list of short-listed cities to see if consumers would really come out to the event. We had a huge response from people living in San Diego on both social and through our interest campaign.

We are running other events across the US later this year. Our next stop is Chicago, followed by Washington, Boston and Seattle with a few more in the works. We are exploring the idea of coming back to San Diego after this event, should we receive the same type of interest after the event.

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I noticed three different dinner time selections. I being in the food and beverage industry, know you want to have a table turn within a 2-hour window max however is this an obtainable feat for such an exclusive event? Do you think opinionated San Diego attendees will have enough time to enjoy the experience for the price? Is wine and liquor available for purchase and or can attendees bring in their own bottles for a small corkage fee?

We have stuck with the same seating schedule at our previous events and did not have any issues. We time the meals out, so attendees have a chance to take photos when they arrive, fully enjoy each course and hang out for a bit after they finish eating to get the full experience. We also allow guests to arrive early for their reservation, we will have a picturesque waiting area and drinks available for purchase. We encourage guests to come to Dinner with A View early to experience the beauty of the activation and invite them to stay after their meal to enjoy our welcome area. Beverages will be available for purchase for guests.

Dinner with A View guests are invited to choose from three daily seating times, 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., and 9:30 p.m. Those interested in attending are encouraged to sign up online to receive event updates and special offers. Dome reservations are priced at $199.99 and dinner reservations are set at $109.99 per guest.

Each dome reservation requires a minimum of four guests and can accommodate up to six guests. Those interested in attending are encouraged to join the Dinner With A View email list to receive 50 percent off step one of their dome reservation for a limited time and groups of four to six can reserve the dome at the 50 percent of rate are able to split the reservation fee.

How do you want your attendees to leave your event? What do you want them to get out of your event?

We hope that they feel like they have experienced something truly magical and had a great time with friends and family. We created this event as a unique experience for attendees and want them to leave Dinner with A View with memories that will last a lifetime.

When you visit San Diego, where are your favorite hot spots to eat, drink and play?

I’ve visited San Diego several times in the past. The idea of bringing Dinner with A View to San Diego was to offer people a unique dining experience that is like nothing else the city currently offers. My favorite spots to stop at when I’m in town are Parq, Ironside, Juniper & Ivy and Animae.

After gaining insight and getting lost in my own imagination, upon attending, I only see myself smiling, laughing, toasting with outlanders, oohing and awing, knife and forking into Latin America deliciousness, making memories, building relationships and most definitely taking an escape from the everyday, the mundane, the routine and truly treating myself because I deserve it, you deserve it, we deserve it!

Courtesy Photo / Chef Claudette Zepeda

“I am thrilled to be the chef partner for Dinner with A View in San Diego,” says Zepeda. “Guests can look forward to unexpected flavor combinations that will reflect my journey over the last several years, all in one place. I can’t wait to greet all the familiar faces in Point Loma in such a beautifully inspired setting! Energy is our currency."

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Katie Lynnet - a charismatic polymath, born and raised in San Diego with affinities for libations and delicious eats, live music and authenticity. Always clocked in, whether she's selling Real Estate, slinging drinks, catering and event planning or relishing in the beautiful outdoors you can guarantee she's living by her trademarked slogan " Making the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY"!

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