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Moniker General transitions its retail-café concept into a convenient grocery store

Moniker Group, San Diego’s leader in design and hospitality, is responding to community demand by transitioning their flagship retail-café concept into a convenient grocery store. Located in Liberty Station’s ARTS DISTRICT, Moniker General will be stocking the interim marketplace with comestibles and commodities that have become scarce at food marts and pharmacies city-wide.

The 4,200 square-foot venue will be assembled to optimize a streamlined shopping process. Couches, lounge chairs, bistro tables and benches that ordinarily afford guests a warm ambiance, will be replaced by rows of folding tables, crates and provisional storage. To further maximize efficiency, to-go orders for coffee and prepared bites can be placed with a Moniker associate upon entering the shop and will be ready for point-of-sale pick-up adjacent to the exit.

The Moniker General Store will provision a generous assortment of fresh produce, pantry goods and other kitchen staples, in addition to personal care supplies and toilet paper. For some at-home recreation, customers can stock up on beer, wine, cocktail syrups and cozy homegoods (think: candles, puzzles and spa products). Moniker General is also offering curbside pick-up, available via online ordering.

The Moniker General is open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Located at 2860 Sims Road in Liberty Station’s ARTS DISTRICT. Call (619) 255-8772 or visit for more info.

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