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A Lego Inspired Bar is Coming to San Diego in March

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

A Pop-Up Bar Made With One Million Bricks is coming to San Diego. That's a lot of bricks.

The Brick Bar is a Lego inspired bar consisting of over 1 million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate fun fest. You will be encouraged to relive your childhood at this amazingly creative pop-up themed bar.

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Coming to a secret location in San Diego on March 18th & 19th, the bar will feature sculptures made completely from bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJs spinning tunes all day to keep the vibes and creative juices flowing.

The 90 minute sessions will involve building competitions complete with prizes, a brick-made wishing well and a table built with over 22,000 bricks to host plenty of table tennis relays!

Tickets cost just $22 per person, so if you want to get in touch with your inner child or are just looking for a unique night out, come join us for some imaginative fun!

For more info, visit and click here for RSVP.


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