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Leo Flowers Brings Comedy and Therapy to the Laugh Factory on April 21st

Chicago-native, podcaster and comedian Leo Flowers brings laughter and therapy to downtown San Diego's Laugh Factory on Thursday, April 21st. His standup is one of a kind. He combines humor with topics surrounding both mental and physical health.

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“I’m fundamentally a storyteller, you’re going to hear stories about me being paralyzed twice, mom sending me news I can’t use, my background as a former Div-1 college athlete, and what I have learned from counseling inmates and married couples," says Leo Flowers.

Leo Flowers and Friends comedy show will be held at Laugh Factory on Thursday, April 21st. Tickets are $25. Must be 18 and over and there is a two drink minimum. Purchase tickets at

Leo has a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology and his counseling skills and his desire to help others led him to two additional professional endeavors. He works professionally as a life coach and podcaster helping people navigate mental health, feel less alone, and learn how to thrive through and get past the most ridiculous two years we have ever experienced in the world. His unique persona consisting of comedy and counseling is perfect for an audience who wants a good laugh to get past this dumpster fire of the pandemic. His podcast is called “Before You Kill Yourself” and he interviews other mental health expertes, comedians and best-selling book authors.

For more information about Leo, visit his website at

Laugh Factory is located in downtown San Diego at 432 F Street, downtown San Diego. Doors at 7 PM. 18 and up. or (323) 656-1336


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