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My Battle with High Blood Pressure: What I Learned Along the Way

I've been battling high blood pressure for as long as I know. A few years ago, I was put on medication to lower my blood pressure. Even though I was on medication, my blood pressure was still high but after making a few lifestyle changes within the last year or so, my blood pressure has improved. My goal is to get off my medication sooner than later.

So here's what I've learned about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle that led to normal blood pressure.

Note: I take my doctor's advice very serious and they did tell me it was up to me on what I wanted to do because I took interest in wanting to lower my dosage and get off them eventually. We agreed to give it another 6 months and go from there.

A few things I'm doing to lower my blood pressure naturally while being on blood pressure medication.

I'm limiting alcohol. I haven't had booze in almost 7 months. Memorial Day was the last time I had a beverage with maybe a little ounce of champagne during a toast.

I'm exercising more. I'm getting at least 5 days of exercise. I'm hitting the pavement more. I'm jogging and doing high intensity interval training.

I'm getting more sleep, well..., at least trying to. My goal is to get 7 more more house of sleep. I've noticed that I feel better when I do.

I'm eating high potassium foods. I'm trying to get more green vegetables and beans (very good fiber source).

I'm eating healthier. I'm trying to limit my carbs as well. I'm eating fruits and beans for fiber. I'm being mindful of vegetable oils, fried foods and food with high sugar. Im avoiding added sugar as much as I can. I've noticed avoiding added sugar and processed food has had a very positive impact on my physical and mental health.

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!!


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