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San Diego band Slightly Stoopid launches new cannabis brand, Stoopid Organics

longtime cannabis advocates, and popular California lifestyle music group Slightly Stoopid announce the official launch of their cannabis, spirits, and health + wellness brand Stoopid Organics. Inspired by the band’s long-term respect for the benefits of cannabis, Stoopid Organics aims to deliver top quality, carefully curated and sustainably manufactured cannabis products and limited edition collaborations that provide recreational and medicinal uses and healing properties.

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Featured Stoopid Organics products currently include two grow-at-home seed selections, a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture (CBD-A), and high-end pre-rolled “infused” marijuana cigarettes. Additional products will continue to be announced along with an online “general store” web-portal pointing consumers and fans to regional product locations, product descriptions, and special contests and merchandise.

Here are the featured products:

Grow Your Own Seeds: “Stoopid Fruits” + “Collie-Man Kush” /

Stoopid Organics’ two different “grow your own” seed options are the Sativa dominant “Stoopid Fruits,” and the Indica dominant “Collie-Man Kush.” The seed packages, cultivated in collaboration with The Humboldt Seed Company, were designed for their strong genetics and high potency, and aptly named after Slightly Stoopid song titles.

“Stoopidhead Hammerhead” THC Diamond Infused Pre-rolled Marijuana Cigarettes /

At the beginning of 2021, Stoopid Organics joined forces with Seabright Distribution and Hammerhead Prerolls to begin producing the ultimate high-end “Stoopidhead Hammerhead” infused joint.

Full Spectrum 420 ML Hemp Oil (CBD-A) Tincture /

Full Spectrum 420ml Hemp Oil (CBD-A) tincture produced from the labs of Life-Patent. With the potential of CBD-A to influence the activity of 5-HT serotonin-producing receptors, medical practitioners believe that CBDA may be used as a way to manage chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, as well as inflammation - which aligns with the band’s consistent charitable efforts for pediatric cancer.

Each of the three products are now available for purchase at select dispensaries in California with additional selections to be announced soon. For more information, please visit

Slightly Stoopid has embraced the cannabis culture as a way of life throughout their two decade career, and have openly professed respect for the plant since the early 90s. The band’s reverence for the sacred herb has been showcased in a multitude of Slightly Stoopid song lyrics, with such hits as “Couldn’t Get High,” “This Joint,” “2AM,” “Collie-Man,” “Sensimilla,” “Mellow Mood,” “Officer,” and many more - becoming a true expression of the band’s cultural DNA. No strangers to the burgeoning hemp industry, Slightly Stoopid and its partners at Silverback Music have been recognized in Forbes Magazine, Billboard, Pollstar, and Variety Magazine for their innovative, forward facing cannabis infused businesses.

To Slightly Stoopid, marijuana represents freedom and emphasizes the larger environmental and social issues that impact society. With Stoopid Organics, Slightly Stoopid continue their efforts in raising awareness for the medical benefits of cannabis and expand their participation in supporting cannabis law reform and responsible commercialization.

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