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The Sims 4: All Packs Ranked (2023)

As you all know, some of my favorite Sims 4 packs are City Living (expansion pack), Get Famous (expansion pack), Movie Hangout (stuff pack), Parenthood (game pack) and Moschino (stuff pack), to name a few. What about the other packs? Should you buy those packs? Well, we all know discounts happens throughout the year, so when there's an opportunity to catch a sale, you're probably wondering which packs to buy. well, hopefully my Sims 4 Tier List, ranked from worst to best, will hep you.

Watch the video to get my quick ranking of al 61 packs, including the base game and holiday pack.

Be sure to let me know if my Sims 4 DLC ranking helped you decide on your next pack. I love helping people decide on what to buy next.

Quick Overview:

Get It:

This tier is my priority list. Rather it's on discount or I'm buying these Sims 4 packs at full price. Get Tier is top tier.

Base Game, Snowy Escape, Cottage Living, Spa Day, Vampires, Parenthood, Strangerville, Get To Work, Movie Hangout, Kids Room, Toddler Stuff, My First Pet Stuff, Moschino, Paranormal, Tiny Living, City Living, Cats and Dogs, Seasons, Get Famous, Discover University, Werewolves, Holiday Celebration Pack, Throwback Fit, Bust a Dust, Industrial Loft, Blooming Room, Little Campers, First Fits Kit, Desert Luxe

Consider It:

This Tier is mid tier. These packs are decent to good, but probably wouldn't be my go-to priority. These packs I'd consider if they were on sale.

Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Realm of Magic, Dream Home Decorator, Luxury Party Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Get Together, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Bowling Stuff, Everyday Clutter, Fitness Stuff, Laundry Day, Knifty Knitting, Island Living, Eco Lifestyle, Highschool Years, Fashion Street, Incheon Arrivals, Carnaval Streetwear, Pastel Pop, Moonlight Chic

Dag Dag:

This is my low/bottom tier. If I didn't have these packs already, I would buy these if I had the extra money and I I wanted to buy all the packs. There are a combo of packs on in this tier that I don't like at all, I still need to explore it more, too glitchy or needs improvement... well, a lot of packs "needs improvement."

Jungle Adventure, Star Wars Journey to Batuu, Perfect Patio, Cook Kitchen, Romantic Garden, My Wedding Stories, Country Kitchen, Courtyard Oasis, Modern Menswear, Decor to the Max

Dag Dag!

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zombow flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zombow flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 08, 2023

so my first pet is better than get together, I think not!

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