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New podcast: Episode 153

Check out the latest episode where I featured awesome talent from Nashville, San Francisco, Oakland and of course, San Diego.

I featured the a single from Nashville Singer-songwriter Alyssa Jacey, who is released her new album this week called "Destined", available now.

I also feature a tracks from San Diego indie rock duo The Love Birds and singer-songwriter Suzanne Thomas.

I featured a track from Oakland rock band Spider Heart and a track from "The Skinny Guys, my bad the Skinny Guns" Tune in and share the love.

CLICK HERE to go to Episode 153 or you can DOWNLOAD it here.

Songs Played:

Alyssa Jacey - "Don’t Fight The Love"

The Lovebirds - "Echo"

Suzanne Thomas - "My Friend"

The Skinny Guns - "Legless"

Spider Heart - "Under the Gun"

Outro Song:

The Midnight Society - "Washington"

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