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Behind the Stick with Cesar Sandoval: How to make the Montagna Nebbioso

Head bartender Cesar Sandoval shows you how to make this refreshing, light and creamy cocktail from Catania, located in La Jolla.

Montagna Nebbioso


  • 1 egg white

  • 2 oz. St. George Terroir Gin

  • 1 oz. lemon juice

  • .75 oz. rosemary reduction

  • .50 Galliano

Garnish with Angostura spray

What's the origin of this cocktail?

One day, David Tye from Lions Share asked me if I wanted to create a cocktail for the homegrown cocktail of the month and said I had to use gin. I came up with this cocktail the next day and wanted it to represent a nice refreshing drink that reminded me of Oregon and waking up at 6 a.m. with fog still in the air.

Describe the taste.

This drink is beautiful, refreshing, clean, light, palate opening cocktail that can be drank at any time of day.

What's the key component in this drink?

Key component of this cocktail is the galliano and rosemary reduction. These two works so beautiful together. The pine notes you get from the rosemary pairs great with the anise flavors of Galliano.

Why did you add egg white to this cocktail?

The egg white makes the cocktail silky and “airy” it elevates the cocktail and brings a nice texture.

What are the reactions do you receive from customers?

Usually people are scared to try this cocktail because they either haven’t had an egg white cocktail or do not like gin, sometimes both; I usually tell people to try it and if they don’t like it they can have something else. I still have never had this cocktail returned for any reason.

What are some good dishes to pair this drink with?

Some of the dishes at Catania that I would pair with this dish are: Squid ink spaghetti, duck sugo orecchiette, and the arancini. The great thing about this cocktail is the versatility, it's a great cocktail to start a meal with, pair it with something, or have it as a desert.

Watch head bartender Cesar Sandoval make this tasty, creamy gin-based cocktail.

What kind of experience can a diner get at Catania?

The experience you will receive at Catania is spectacular. We pride ourselves in hospitality and want nothing but the best for our guest. The food that our Executive Chef Dusty Karagheusian creates is amazing and the farm to table dining is our specialty. We have such a great staff that I can call family and we all work towards one goal which is to do everything in our power to give the guest the best dining experience possible.

About Cesar Sandoval

Are you from San Diego?

I’m one of the rare locals in San Diego, San Ysidro to be exact, and have been living here for 25 years.

How did you get into bartending?

Anytime there were high school parties I would always be the one pouring drinks, even though they were simple madres or margaritas I took pride in making them. My mother is an amazing cook and I took that passion and converted it into drinks.

What are you currently listening to these days?

Currently on my music playlist is Alt J, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and Alabama Shakes.

What do you on your spare time when you're serving up cocktails?

On my spare time you will find me playing drums and writing music with my band Aempire. Music is a huge passion of mine!

I’m always creating cocktails and experimenting with new ingredients. I love to sit down with our chefs and talk about seasonal ingredients that are coming in. Farm-to-Bar is the sort of cocktail program we like to serve to our guest.


7863 Girard Ave., #301, La Jolla. (858) 551-5105 or

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