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Behind the Stick with Shannon Daugherty: How to make the Doctor's Orders

If you're seeking a bourbon-forward cocktail, then look no further than the upbeat modern American hangout eatery in Oceanside. Urge has some of the finest whiskeys on stock, delicious comfort food and a nice selection of craft beer on tap. Top bartender Shannon Daugherty shared her Doctor's Orders recipe with Behind the Stick.

Doctor's Orders


  • .25 oz. Benedictine

  • .50 oz. Giffard Creme Cacao

  • 2 oz. Russell's Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Garnishes: Orange peel and lemon peel

What’s the origin of the Doctor's Orders?

The Doctor's Orders was crafted by Levi Walker of Campari USA. It it a interpretation of an Old-Fashioned that was created to be something different, but familiar. How would you describe the taste to someone who hasn’t had this before?

It almost reminds me of an Orange Milano Cookie; one of my favorites growing up. What would be the key component in this drink?

All of them. This drink wouldn't be what it is without anyone of these ingredients

Why did you choose Russell's Straight Bourbon when creating this cocktail?

Russel's Reserve makes a perfect bourbon for making cocktails. While price is important; ultimately flavor profiles are what I am looking for. Bottled at 90 Proof, you will get notes of vanilla and caramel which complement the Creme de Cacao.

What reactions do you get from customers when they try this cocktail for the first time?

Usually it's just a "Wow, that's delicious" What are some good dishes to pair this drink with?

Right off the bat, I think of our Boursin Stuffed Medjool Dates, the Wild Spinach and Farro Salad or our Wild Whiskey Pork Chop. But honestly, I could drink this with anything; but maybe that's just me.

Bar manager Shannon Daugherty shows you how to make this flavorful bourbon whiskey libation.

What kind of experience can diners have at Urge?

I think diners will have whatever kind of experience they set out for. If your coming in for a quick drink and an appetizer, or if your coming in for the whole kit and caboodle, we can help you with that. We are here to make sure you get what you're looking for.

About Shannon Daugherty

Photo courtesy Jarnard Sutton

Are you from San Diego?

I am a Native San Diegan, born and raised in North County. My dad was in the Navy, like most San DIego families, and I had the opportunity to travel all over; even live in Japan for a few years, but San Diego has always been my home.

What's your thought process when creating a new cocktail?

When creating a new cocktail, I first think of the guest and new trends, then seasonality when it comes to fresh ingredients. I also think about cost, because that's what they pay me to do. And I also think of the bartenders making the drinks and how efficient they can be making them quickly.

What is one thing you wish people understood about bartending?

That craft cocktails take time to do properly, and that they are likely not the only ones waiting for a drink. I also would like them to know that what they get at one bar, they may not be able to get at another.

Are you planning on creating any new cocktails in the future?

We are constantly looking to freshen things up. I love change and will always be looking to try new things.

Define the perfect cocktail?

I'm looking for something different and unusual but well balanced. I don't discriminate among spirits but I lean towards whiskey or gin.

What do you do on your spare time when you're not creating cocktails?

I have two boys, ages two and five, so they keep me very busy. We love trips to the park, or the zoo, really anything to get them outdoors. I'm also getting married this summer, so I've been busy planning a wedding.

Urge Gastropub and Whiskey Bank

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