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In the Kitchen celebrates one-year anniversary

Started out as a concept, the video series In the Kitchen celebrates its one-year anniversary. "The concept was simple. I wanted to start a video series that was fun, short form and intimate," says Executive Producer and Editor-in-chief of The Nardcast, Jarnard Sutton. "I didn't think the concept would work but with a few tweaks in the format, we realized that this show could be an unique way to showcase the San Diego food scene."

The column will continue to promote the local scene while expanding to other communities such as Los Angeles and Orange County. "We want to set a template that could be used in other cities such as Los Angeles, Orange County, Baja, San Francisco, and even major cities in other states." We can expect more segments with local food bloggers, celebrity chefs and more.

Be sure to check out our first episode, "In the Kitchen with Patrick Ponsaty of Bellamy's," that started everything.

Click here to check out all the 'In the Kitchen' episodes.

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