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  • Maria Wiles

Meet Abe Botello, Florent's new operational executive chef

Photo credit: Jarnard Sutton

Florent Restaurant & Lounge is pleased to announce the appointment of Abe Botello as Operational Executive Chef. Chef Botello brings over 10 years of culinary talent to Florent’s kitchen. The San Diego native’s passion for his craft and skilled expertise will be used to direct day-to-day culinary operations and refine Florent’s menu with innovative recipes and seasonal ingredients. "The new role will be Operational Executive Chef." said chef Abe Botello. "I will oversee and manage Florent - develop seasonal menus, train staff, work hand-in-hand with sous chefs, implement systems and oversee all aspects of the operational kitchen."

As a San Diego native, Chef Botello developed a childhood appreciation for the city's hospitality industry at his family’s Mexican restaurant, Los Pinos, in Imperial Beach. Botello previously served at the helm of several of San Diego kitchens including those of Urban Solace, Solace & The Moonlight Lounge and most recently, West Coast Tavern. Botello brings a wealth of culinary experience to Florent. "I’m often inspired by the culinary movement that we are seeing here in our hometown. I see chefs striving to create a good name for San Diego’s culinary scene. Knowing that, as a chef, I have the power to do the same, it really pushes me to give my best in every menu. I often introduce techniques that I’ve picked up over the years or flavors that are reminiscent of my childhood. I always like to have that personal connection with my menus, because I believe each dish has its own story. But, most importantly, I’m inspired because of the enjoyment I get from food."

Watch chef Abe Botello in action on In the Kitchen.

Florent Restaurant & Lounge located in San Diego’s Gaslamp District at 672 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101. Housed in San Diego’s Old City Hall building, the restaurant & lounge serves an entertaining dining experience that comes with authentic old world charm and elevated cuisine.


Maria Wiles is a local writer, Buffalo NY transplant and self-proclaimed chicken wing connoisseur. When she is not talking about her love affair with food, she can be found in child's pose at a yoga class or rollerblading on the Mission Beach boardwalk. Follow her on Instagram.

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