• Jarnard Sutton

The Nardcast celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

In December, The Nardcast celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Starting out as a podcast in 2008, the brand branches out into a multimedia platform utilizing articles, video, social media and podcasts as its new formats. Currently, the Nardcast produces 2 video series (In the Kitchen & Behind the Stick), 1 podcast (The Social Holiday Hour) and operates as a media company (Nardcast Media) that provides professional video and photography for brands/clients.

The Nardcast Timeline:


First few episodes

The podcast, The Nardcast, was created to promote music. The podcast originally was hosted on jarnard.blogspot.com and on podomatic.thenardcast.com. The podcast was produced and uploaded every week. "At this stage of the podcast, I was a little embarrassed about letting people listen in to the show but I was so excited that I went for." said Jarnard Sutton, creator of The Nardcast. "People didn't know what a podcast was and how to listen to it on iTunes, so I would burn CDs to give people and at times, would just send them the link to listen on my website." The Nardcast published 4 episodes in December. The first episode was recorded on December 3rd of 2008. Click here to listen to the first episode.

2009 - 2013:

The podcast continued as a way to promote local music and invited friends, bands, artists and people involved in the local music scene on the show as co-hosts. In addition, The