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I quit alcohol for 8 months: 8 challenges I've dealt with

Quitting alcohol comes with a lot of great benefits like mental clarity, reduced anxiety, more energy, better less and so much more. Not only does it come with amazing positive benefits but quitting alcohol does have its side effects and obstacles to overcome.

My side effects and obstacles might differ from the next person but here are a few of my challenges I faced during the 8 month journey. I'm currently 252 days into my no drinking journey and I feel great!

The obstacles I had were insomnia, sugar cravings, alcohol cravings, mood swings, lifestyle changes, family & friends and the fear of missing out. I also included heart palpitations because I did experience that the first time attempted to go 30 days without alcohol a few years ago.

Did you quit alcohol or in the process of quitting? If so, how are you managing your side effects and challenges?

Thanks for reading and watching.


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