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In the Kitchen with the owners of Le Parfait Paris

Parfait Signature


courtesy photo Jarnard Sutton

Tell us about this dessert?

Le Parfait Signature, as its name says, is our signature dessert. It is a twist of the famous Royal cake in France. It is composed of a crispy praline biscuit on the bottom then layered by an almond biscuit and topped with a chocolate mousse.

Why do you consider the Parfait the signature?

We consider it our signature cake because it is an intense yet delicate and powerful cake at the same time.

Describe the taste to someone who haven't had this dessert?

This dessert is an explosion of flavors starting with the richness of the chocolate and the caramelized hazelnut then with the complex texture of the crispiness at the bottom and the smoothness of the mousse. Many people compare its taste to Ferrero Rocher or Nutella.

Why did you choose dark chocolate and not milk chocolate?

Since the praline and the almond are naturally sweet, we wanted to balance the sweetness with the bitterness of the dark chocolate.

Are any ingredients imported?

Our chocolate is imported from France (Valhrona) as well as our Praliné.

What's a good beer and/or cocktail to pair with this dish?

Our “Tipsy Coffee" is a really good cocktail to pair it with. The coffee profile enhances the dessert greatly.

Could a nice red wine be an option?

Definitely, this dessert can be paired with red wines such as a Chapoutier, or a Pinot noir, like Régnard from Burgundy.

Watch as the owners explain how to make this tasty dessert, Parfait Signature.

Are all the items on the menu made at the Le Parfait Paris bakery?

Yes, this is our policy, we make absolutely EVERYTHING from scratch to fully keep the control of the quality of our products.

What kind of experience will a diner get at Le Parfait Paris?

An unique and authentic experience. Our goal is to transport each of our clients to a terrace in the streets of Paris.

About Guillaume Ryon and Ludi Mas

Are you from San Diego?

Guillaume and I have been living in San Diego for about 8 years. Guillaume is from France (Antibes close to Nice and Ivory Coast. I (Ludi) am from Paris.

What was the initial concept when opening Le Parfait Paris?

When opening Le Parfait, we were looking to bring the true concept of an authentic "French Bakery and Pastry Shop" to San Diego- not only through our food, but also through our design, music and style in general.

Are you planning on adding more desserts to the menu?

We are indeed planning to add a little twist to some of our desserts as well as incorporating new dishes and pastries.

When you're not coming up with delicious food items and operating your own business, what do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

Guillaume and I are both foodies, therefore on our spare time we like to discover new restaurants around the city. We also like to spend time with our Friends.

555 G St., downtown. (619) 245-4457 or

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